9 things to do in Lagos – Quick guide!

The Algarve is full of richness and beauty, and there are many things to do in Lagos. This list will go over a variety of choices from adventurous to relaxing, free and paid, and for young and old.

Clear, concise, and quick – this guide to the things to do in Lagos will waste none of your time!

1 – Go hiking in Lagos

  • Price: Free

No doubt, Lagos has some absolutely beautiful trails to walk around during the daytime. In particular there are 2 main areas where you can go hiking in Lagos for a few hours:

Hike Ponto de Piedade

The cliffs around Lagos are stunning

Starting from Praia de Dona you can walk all the way South along the beautiful tall cliffs to Ponta da Piedade and further west to Porto Mós all in one afternoon. There are parking lots and transport lines running all along this area. Many of the trails and paths are maintained, secure, and quite easy to walk on.

This hike is ideal for families, groups, or those looking for a leisurely stroll. There are boardwalks and pathways making it accessible for all.

Hike from Lagos to Luz

It doesn’t get much better than that!

The Trilho dos Pescadores starts from Porto Mós beach and goes westwardly to Luz, though most hike to the Luz viewpoint (4km each way). To get into Luz town is another 2km with a moderately steep descent along the cliff.

It’s a beautiful and fast hike with sweeping views of the ocean and surrounding orange-clay landscapes. An excellent place to run in Lagos or escape from the crowds and city ambience, it’s better suited to those who want some more peace and quiet and away from man-made paths.

2 – Go on a boat tour in Lagos

Touring through the grottos
  • Price: 25-100 euros.

I’m usually one who recommends against paid tours, however a boat tour in Lagos is absolutely well worth the experience!

You can go for a boat tour of the caves, go dolphin watching, hop on a kayak, cruise on a catamaran, or zip on an adrenaline-filled speedboat.

The strengths of Portugal are along the coastline and if you’re down here then it’s definitely a good idea to have an experienced captain by your side.

Alongside the marina you’ll find countless companies offering services, or you can browse online to find an experience which suits you.

3 – Eat local Portuguese food

Would you believe this was only 6 euros!?
  • Price: 10-100 euros.

You can’t go to a new country without eating new food! Portuguese food is full of hidden gems and while the classic Pastel De Nata and codfish is everywhere, I’d recommend going for something special.

Lagos claims host to multiple Michelin-starred restaurants, authentic local eateries, and tourist traps – so do some due diligence to make sure you’re on the right track!

Check out the guide to the best restaurants in Lagos for a complete list from budget to luxury, local to foreign!

4 – A Bike tour in the Algarve

Peace and quiet surrounded by beauty
  • Price: 25-100 euros.

Golden cliffs, eucalyptus forests, and a relaxing ambience – going for a bike ride (self-guided or on a tour) is absolutely well worth doing. You’ll explore sights out of reach by both foot and car and escape the hoards of tourists a lot easier.

I’d highly recommend a mountain bike since many of the paths and trails are not paved, however doing a loop around the Monchique-Aljezur-Sagres-Lagos area is road bike friendly. E-MTB is absolutely the way to go if you want to be spare your legs during the trip!

5 – Sunset walk on the cliffs

The Algarve has incredible beauty
  • Price: Free!

Lagos is renowned for its absolutely incredible sunrises and sunsets. Steep cliffs, rolling hills, and an infinite expanse to gaze out over the sea – it’s an ideal place to go for a visual masterpiece. Whether it’s Ponto de Piedade or the Rocha Negra small hikes – you’ll be absolutely stunned by the beauty!

Bonus: bring a bottle of wine and some Portuguese snacks for an outstandingly romantic evening!

6 – Surfing in Lagos

Thanks Siemore Pekker for the amazing shot!
  • Price: 20-40 euros.

Portugal is a water sport hotspot and surfing is a big draw. There are plenty of surf shops and surf camps around so whether you need to get some quick surf lessons in Lagos or simply need to rent surf gear to get started, there are plenty of surf shops in Lagos which have you covered.

Check out the complete guide to surfing in Lagos and the Algarve to get in-depth look at the beaches, conditions, and waves around the area.

7 – Wandering the Lagos Old Town

Plenty of little places to visit within the small area
  • Price: Free!

The vibrant streets, plethora of street musicians, and assortment of unique shops beg for some exploration by foot. It’s easy to cover most of the old town within a single afternoon so don’t feel rushed to push the pace.

Bonus: You’ll discover a great restaurant around every corner – choose the one which appeals to you the most!

8 – Visit historic sites

At Parque Infante Dom Henrique
  • Price: 0 – 10 euros.

Whether it’s the ornate baroque church (Igreja de Santo António) or ancient city walls, Lagos is packed with subtle history accumulated from well over 1,000 years of settlement. Simply visit any of the museums in Lagos or wander the winding streets to find some exemplary pieces of history.

9 – Visit the Lagos Municipal Market

Eucalyptus liquor anyone?

The Lagos municipal market is a great place to soak up the local atmosphere and buy some fresh produce. You’ll find everything from fish and seafood to fruit and vegetables. Ideal for cooking something with ingredients you’ll not find anywhere else!

Bonus: Portugal loves liquors of all types and you can find some incredibly unique and delicious drinks made by locals. Be careful when you drink Medronho!


Hope this guide to some things to do in Lagos helped you out! With the above list you’ll easily have a few weeks worth of adventures and activities to do in the town and surrounding area.

There is so much around the Algarve which begs for attention – we’d recommend renting a car or van in the Algarve to make getting around easier as the public transit system is limited.

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