Complete guide to Camper Van Rentals in the Algarve

If you want to sample the taste of vanlife in the Algarve, renting a van or camper is a great idea!

Below is a quick list of all the camper van rentals with a quick summary of information.

This list is not sponsored, affiliated, or associated with any company below 🙂

Do pay attention to the legal status of wild camping with a van in the Algarve and to plan your route accordingly.

Note: Prices listed vary by time of year – high season is costlier than low season.

NameLocationPrice (min.)Deposit pricingSpecialty
BlueClassicsPortimão€80Classic & retro
Caravans2RentLoulé & Lisbon€95€584, €882, €1.614 Family-ready
CampiliderFaro & Porto€115€600, €1.500Large caravans
IndieCampersVariousVariousVariousAirBnB of vans
OceanCamperFaro€44€0, €400, €1.500Discreet
Outbase ExplorersFaro airport€52€500 €1.250Adventure-ready
Roadtrip CampersPêra €71€300, €750Classic Mercedes
RoadSurferFaro€89€0, €800, €1,500Pop-top
SiestaCampersFaro€65€200, €450, €2.000High-tech
SoulCampersFaro€85€300, €700, €2.000Biological focus
Surf-CarsLagos€65€350, €750, €1.500Surfing!
VintageCamperVansFaro€75€1.000, €2.000Unique rides

Surf Cars – Best surf van rentals in Lagos

surf-cars-van-rental-portugal-lagos has a selection of retrofitted Volkswagen vans fully outfitted for the surf experience in mind, they have a well-crafted selection of VW vans which are fully equipped for living and of course, surfing.

They also have surfboard and wetsuit rentals which makes the process even quicker so you spend less time dealing with multiple shops and more time in the water.

The insurance deposits range from €750, €350, or €0 with the €0, €15, and €20/day insurance packages

  • Lagos pickup location
  • Classic retro-style
  • Built with surfers in mind

RoadSurfer – Best pop-top camper vans

Easy, breezy, beautiful

RoadSurfers offerings of the VW T6.1 California or Peugeot Expert pop-top vans are particularly good for travelling long distances while saving fuel because of improved aerodynamics, while still having enough headroom for a tall person to stand up. Modern vehicles with all the luxuries of recent years.

Having personally used a RoadSurfer van for a couple weeks, the overall experience was great! Professional and easy booking & management, almost fully equipped for everything (shower, kitchenette, bed, etc), and ready to go with ease, they’re one of the easiest options from the list.

For insurance & deductible you may pay €1,500, €800, or €0 deposit, which is priced to their €0, €15, or €29/night insurance rates. Keep in mind the €99 booking service fee.

  • Pickup location in Portimão
  • Adaptive pricing, easy online booking
  • Ultimate practicality and ease-of-experience

Caravans2rent – Best large van rentals

Caravans-2-rent-van-rental-lagos offers a lineup of modern caravans which are more spacious, roomy, and fully-equipped than others featured on this list. This is especially ideal if you’re going to be travelling with a partner and would prefer a little more living room than the other compact choices.

The insurance deposits range from €1.614, €882, or €584 with the €0, €18, and €26/day insurance packages.

  • Loulé pickup location
  • Family-sized and fully equipped
  • Modern and fuel-efficient

SiestaCampers – Best high-tech van rentals

siesta-camper-van-rental-algarve has a diverse array of vans from retro to high-tech. Well maintained, un-branded, and fully outfitted for any adventure, they’re an excellent choice if you’re looking for something

The insurance deposits range from €2.000, €450, or €200 with the €0, €20, and €29/day insurance packages.

  • Faro pickup location
  • 50-150 per night

Soulcampers – Best ecological van rentals


Soulcampers is a small company which has a set of cozy converted vans which have heart and soul at the forefront. Reasonable rates on surfboard and wetsuit rentals make them a good choice for getting into the water quickly.

The transformed Fiat Ducatos are ecologically built with cork insulation, natural wood interiors, and efficient diesel motors which will have you rolling happily and without hassle.

The insurance deposits range from €1.500, €750, and €350 with the €0, €18, and €25/day insurance packages

  • Faro pickup location
  • Homemade, organic feeling
  • Intelligent and efficient design

VintageCampersVans – Best unique van rentals

campervan-rental-algarve is exactly that – they have a creative cast of vintage VW bus vans, Renault Minicampers, creative Citroens and others with quite reasonable fares (starting at only €30 for the Minicampers!).

If you’re in for a really unique experience which really isn’t seen in many places, this is the way to go. Check out their lineup to see some of the more unique vans for rent in the Algarve.

The insurance deposits are €2.000 with payment via card or €1.000 with payment via cash.

  • Faro pickup location
  • Lowest prices on the mini campers
  • Very unique and interesting vehicles

OceanCamper – Best stealthy van rentals


OceanCamper offers a selection of compact vans which are fuel-efficient, discreet, and surprisingly well-equipped. Converted from regular SUVs and compact vans, they’re ideal if you want to retain the driving characteristics of a regular vehicle if longer road-trips are in the plans.

The insurance deposits range from €1.500, €400, or €0 with the €0, €15, and €29/day insurance packages.

  • Faro pickup location
  • 50-150 per night
  • Other thing


IndieCampers is a large international platform which operates akin to AirBnb but for vans. with a wide array of vehicles to choose from at various rates. Vans you rent may be owned by IndieCampers or by individual persons.

It’s a good platform to browse to see if there are alternative or unique experiences not found on other sites. Deposit and prices vary depending on which vehicle/person you rent from.

  • Various pickup locations
  • Large selection of vehicles
  • AirBnb of vans

Campilider – Best family camper van rentals


Campilider is a no-frills business which both sells many new/used campervans and rents out a small fleet. If you are looking for a reliable and robust larger camper suitable for a family then they are a good option.

Fully equipped with bike racks, awnings, LED TV, You can count on the mechanical orderliness due to their business of primarily selling vans.

They also offer a 10% discount on rentals for longer than 20 days.

The insurance deposit is €1.500 or €600 with the €0 or €15/day insurance packages.

  • Faro or Porto pickup location
  • Large campervans
  • Professionally maintained

Price list here

Outbase Explorers – Best adventure van rentals


Outbaseexplorers offers a pair of compact converted vehicles which are best suited towards adventurous touring. The smaller nature makes for better fuel economy and driving experience over larger options – ideal if you want to explore wider stretches of road in less time.

A nice feature they have is pick-up and drop-off at Faro airport as well as first and last night stay at their campground for free – simplifying your process!

The deposit and excess of € 1.250 can be reduced to € 500 a fee of € 15,- per day.

  • Faro airport pickup/dropoff
  • Thoughtfully equipped
  • Efficient & familiar driving experience

Roadtrip Campers – Best oldschool van rentals


Roadtrip-campers has a set of beautiful old-school Mercedes vans with that old rustic charm and homely demeanor. With no branding and simple design, you’ll blend in with the rest and enjoy the spacious interior these older vans are known for.

Equipment such as cooking gear, beds, travel guides, games, beach umbrella, solar shower, etc is included in the price with add-ons available for guitars, bodyboards, etc.

The deposit and excess of € 750 can be reduced to €300 a fee of € 100 per week.

  • Pickup near Pêra (Algarve)
  • Homemade and charming
  • For living slowly and simply

BlueClassics – Most attractive van rentals


BlueClassics has a wide selection of classic cars, retro campervans, and motorcycles/scooters which are about as attractive as you can get. If stunning photos and a bite of nostalgia are things you love, then you’ll find plenty of unique rides here.

  • Pickup location in Portimão
  • Minimum 3 day van rental, 2 days for cars
  • For cruising around in a historic treat


Hope this list helped you out in choosing the right camper for your vanlife adventure in the Algarve!

Pay attention to seasonal pricing, insurance deductibles, and daily distance limits on any rentals – ask any detail you can think of before paying!

Check out the Guide to car rentals in Lagos if you change your mind about van touring.

If any information you see in this guide is incorrect or a van provider has been missed – please contact or leave a comment below so it can be adjusted!

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