Large explosions destroy beloved restaurant in Luz

Early in the morning on Wednesday, February 7th, 2024, residents in Luz were startled awake by the sound of explosions.

The source coming from the well-liked Paraiso beach-bar, engulfed in flames as the fire brigade rushed to extinguish the fire.

The beachside restaurant, a family-run business, was initially established in 1964, with the current modernised form having been around since 2002.

The flames and smoke seen well in the distance

The nature of the explosions lends the hypothesis that fuel canisters – used for cooking – may have had a catastrophic failure and exploded.

One witness of the wreckage claimed to hear two large explosions at approximately 12:30 in the morning, with the shockwave shaking their windows and waking them up.

The scene in the early morning.

It’s unknown whether there was an unknown fault which caused the subsequent explosions, and if the disaster was intentional or accidental.

Unfortunately, the entirety of the restaurant has been destroyed as flames continue to smoulder well into the afternoon.

Aerial view of the aftermath

Fortunately no surrounding restaurants, buildings, or structures were impacted as Paraiso was separated from other businesses. As of now it seems as though no one was caught and injured in the mayhem.

Local authorities and fire brigade are currently investigating the wreckage to see how the disaster occurred, and if there were signs of foul play involved.

The modern interior before the disaster

Condolences to the business owners and employees – we wish them the best of fortune with their recovery and difficult situation.

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